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Technique of Persuasion

How to Detect when Covert Persuasion or Hypnotic Influence is Used on You

Ever since the human communication came into being, hypnotic influence has likewise surfaced. It was utilized in a lot of different forms even though it was accidental. Nonetheless, the same hypnosis techniques continue to be used even today.

Through the years of ongoing practice, hypnosis experts have realized that the willingness of the subject and his participation is vital for the hypnosis session to turn out successfully. Yet, it doesn’t go after that the subject is fully aware that he is being hypnotized. Turns out that oftentimes, some subjects are made readily participative even when what is being used on them is the covert persuasion or hypnotic influence.

Investigation and careful study shows that the hypnotists have already found effective and cunning techniques to find a detour towards the subconscious mind thereby evading the conscious mind. The subconscious normally just reacts to the given orders without exhibiting the serious capability of digesting and evaluating the given information. So when the hypnotist tries to work with his subject, he directly talks to the subconscious mind. As a result, the participant readily agrees without realizing what risk is at stake. It may only be after a few minutes when the conscious mind is activated once more that he discovers what has happened.

You see, the critical mind is that which screens and analyzes the given information, compares it with the existing values, and determines if it is worthy to be acted upon. If it has been decided to be worthy of an action, the conscious mind then passes the command to the subconscious which executes the action. The latter is designed to be nothing but the actor or carrier of a pre-programmed chore.

A professional who implements covert persuasion or hypnotic influence on a subject is generally widely aware of his intention. He makes a particular state in a person’s mind that puts the subconscious mind over the conscious region so that the subject is not able to repel the command but instead automatically acts on it. It is like a screen is used to shield the critical analysis to be exercised by the conscious mind to stop the subconscious region from executing the command.

In this time and age when life is hectic, some covert hypnotists make use of various cunning techniques to hook their participants. The situations may come unexpectedly, but there are ways you can at least repel them.

Observe the application of critical thought. They say that practice makes perfect. If your mind has been programmed to exercise critical thinking even when making decisions over the minutest things, then your mind will automatically function in the same way that it has been trained or programmed when a covert hypnotist approaches you. This normal reaction and function of the mind will protect you from making hasty and less critical decisions.

Know how covert hypnosis works. By feeding your mind with the relevant information regarding the working of covert hypnosis, then you will readily recognize when the techniques are being used on you.

Covert persuasion or hypnotic influence is often used with all types of intentions. Learn more to see how you can make use of it, and how to protect yourself from it at the same time.


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