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Black Magic and Dark Forces – Can These Be Considered As the Main Elements for An Effective Covert Persuasion?

Get anything you want. Put everyone under your control. Make them buying all of the products you sell instantly. No matter how close minded or stubborn people are, you wish you can change their behavior and beliefs. Make them follow all of your commands believing they changed their mind of their own volition.

At some of point of our lives, we wished we can do these things. But you are frustrated because of the mere fact that you can’t and even clueless how to make this possible…unless you have the unstoppable super power, black magic and dark forces to persuade people to your own way of thinking. If you’re one of them who’re having such perception, then you haven’t heard yet the term “Covert Persuasion”.

Covert Persuasion is a phenomenon not too different from Covert Hypnosis. Both are powerful motivation methods that attempt to communicate with another’s person unconscious mind. Prior to fully understand the art of this phenomenon, you’ll need to know the three different basics of covert hypnosis strategy as well as the related science. The hypnosis, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming and mentalism. To produce discreet of persuasion, these can go hand in hand or may use together. Learning these techniques is surprising but applying all of these can be life-altering.

If you will make use Covert Persuasion in everyday life and your job is on sales, these can be your methods to dramatically increase your commission. You can use these to convince subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors to get things done on a daily basis and help you meet your goals. And one of the tactics of covert persuasion techniques is not focusing on the merits of the product but rather on how the product can help meet the prospect’s need or solve the problem. Plus, knowing what people like and what their problems are, just by listening and asking the right question. These tactics are planting a seed of encouragement in the person’s mind. It is about engaging them in a conversation in which what you are asking them to do – is for their own benefit rather than yours and most importantly it was their own choice. Covert persuasion fuses the most up-to-date research in psychology, sales tactics, linguistics and human communication to expose the most effective methods to consistently and effectively persuading anyone of practically anything.

Covert Persuasion sounds like a secret operation. And definitely it is – when you master these techniques and put them into use. It’s not a sneaky thing. It’s not about black magic and dark forces or any evil tricks. ‘Cause you’re not tricking anyone, but simply using all of your abilities to persuade them to make the choice you want them to have. It’s not even unfair. It’s just a matter of being practical, powerful and effective!

Black Magic and Dark Forces? Well, do not consider these as the main elements for an effective covert persuasion! Effective Covert persuasion starts on you, on your goal but never use it to take advantage of your fellowmen.


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