Covert Persuasion

Signs of Clairvoyant Abilities: Check these out!

clairvoyant abilities

You can expand your reality by developing new ways of perceiving – Wynn Bullock

Clairvoyance is a way of perceiving things in the future for intuitive sight. Seeing the things clearly may appear either in the mind or to external self. Clairvoyant individuals may tend to see colors, images, visions dreams and symbols making them sense their environment within the mind’s eye.

Clairvoyance is a wonderful psychic ability that lets you engage the own know ledge and the soul to the universe through the power of vision. Your imagination houses the seeds of the clairvoyant images, lights or shapes that start to appear in the same way that all creative and free expression of your soul manifests – with imagery.

Signs your clairvoyant abilities are opening up:

  • Your dreams are becoming more alive and more persuasive
  • Dreams will be your wonderful friend as you find your self daydreaming a lot.
  • You’ll be able to perceive or see a future event through extrasensory perception
  • You’ll experiencing to see flashes of light or blurry vision in your dreams
  • You see things out of the corner of your eyes, into which sometimes you may have to doubt in the things you see.
  • You’re good in explaining metaphor things.
  • You feel that you can able to see some ghost and spirits in your mind.
  • There’s an inner scene playing out in your mind when you’re able to deal with communication.
  • You can literally see it happening in your mind
  • You always tend to create scenes in your mind about the future.

Check out this video and get amazed with The Clairvoyants. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

These are signs that you have the ability to have inner vision. The path of psychic awakening is exciting! Your soul will grow tremendously during this stage.

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Covert Persuasion


Covert persuasion is considered tricky or weird. But for some who have discovered how effective it is, they have proven that tremendous change from this can be benefitted. Some other individuals are questioning if it is legal or not. So, if you’re interested to discover this technique and decide to use this responsibly, here’s some covert persuasion techniques for you.

The idea of hypnosis and covert persuasion seem to be intriguing to some whenever it connotes with dozing images and suggestions given to the person as subject. Some even thought that covert persuasion deals with some “magical tricks” and more. But despite all these, this has been utilized in different fields of life particularly, in sales and medical field, for instance.

When You Can Use Covert Persuasion

When you do experience the following, this may be the time for you to think of using covert persuasion.
Extreme shyness and difficulty in communicating with others
– The feeling of being awful to be alone
– Can’t find the job you want (often rejected by employers)Afraid for interviews
– Afraid to be tagged as “loser”
– Don’t have the charisma that some other take as their magic magnet
– The feeling that your life is a complete mess

And when you do, you then think how amazing it can be when you have the ability to turn everyone into and make yourself on control of anyone, anytime!

How to be a Good Influencer, Persuader

Influence and persuade others. Sneaky, right? Imagine, you can change the minds of people and change what they thought they had already believed.
Irresistible it is when it comes to skills and techniques on how to create a relationship with your partner in a more “exciting” way.

Change the scenario of hardly selling to your clients…but make them plead to have your products on their lives.

Change the way your business is playing in the market, and learn how you can rake more money. This is really an absolute life-changer.

Find yourself as an expert in the art of getting what you want and how you would like people to be.

Here are some basic techniques you should remember whenever you decided to start learning covert persuasion.

Keep Them Comfortable.
Make people relaxed. It is always best to put your subject in ease. That is the key to manipulation and persuasion. This is needed because when your subject is in a relaxed situation , it will be easier to give him/her the suggestions and facts that you want the person to implant in his/her mind. This stage serves as the preparation for what is going to happen next.

Be Credible. Reason Out
In your sentences, use the word because. Why? Because it gives the idea a more prominent level of maturity and assurance. It is easier to believe when there are reasons and additional facts in the statement. It seems pointless when a statement is given out lousy…

Tag Questions: Use them for Conviction
These tag questions are known to be effective in hypnosis and persuasion. They suggest an idea to make your subject more optimistic in any conviction that you want to establish.
The question, “ You’re not going to let yourself fail on this, are you? “ is an effective line. It seems that you just put the subject on the position where they can’t say “No”.
These techniques are effective yet must be remembered to be used to be used only if you want to improve your life for the better.

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Persuasion Technique

Black Magic and Dark Forces – Can These Be Considered As the Main Elements for An Effective Covert Persuasion?

Get anything you want. Put everyone under your control. Make them buying all of the products you sell instantly. No matter how close minded or stubborn people are, you wish you can change their behavior and beliefs. Make them follow all of your commands believing they changed their mind of their own volition.

At some of point of our lives, we wished we can do these things. But you are frustrated because of the mere fact that you can’t and even clueless how to make this possible…unless you have the unstoppable super power, black magic and dark forces to persuade people to your own way of thinking. If you’re one of them who’re having such perception, then you haven’t heard yet the term “Covert Persuasion”.

Covert Persuasion is a phenomenon not too different from Covert Hypnosis. Both are powerful motivation methods that attempt to communicate with another’s person unconscious mind. Prior to fully understand the art of this phenomenon, you’ll need to know the three different basics of covert hypnosis strategy as well as the related science. The hypnosis, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming and mentalism. To produce discreet of persuasion, these can go hand in hand or may use together. Learning these techniques is surprising but applying all of these can be life-altering.

If you will make use Covert Persuasion in everyday life and your job is on sales, these can be your methods to dramatically increase your commission. You can use these to convince subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors to get things done on a daily basis and help you meet your goals. And one of the tactics of covert persuasion techniques is not focusing on the merits of the product but rather on how the product can help meet the prospect’s need or solve the problem. Plus, knowing what people like and what their problems are, just by listening and asking the right question. These tactics are planting a seed of encouragement in the person’s mind. It is about engaging them in a conversation in which what you are asking them to do – is for their own benefit rather than yours and most importantly it was their own choice. Covert persuasion fuses the most up-to-date research in psychology, sales tactics, linguistics and human communication to expose the most effective methods to consistently and effectively persuading anyone of practically anything.

Covert Persuasion sounds like a secret operation. And definitely it is – when you master these techniques and put them into use. It’s not a sneaky thing. It’s not about black magic and dark forces or any evil tricks. ‘Cause you’re not tricking anyone, but simply using all of your abilities to persuade them to make the choice you want them to have. It’s not even unfair. It’s just a matter of being practical, powerful and effective!

Black Magic and Dark Forces? Well, do not consider these as the main elements for an effective covert persuasion! Effective Covert persuasion starts on you, on your goal but never use it to take advantage of your fellowmen.

Technique of Persuasion

How to Detect when Covert Persuasion or Hypnotic Influence is Used on You

Ever since the human communication came into being, hypnotic influence has likewise surfaced. It was utilized in a lot of different forms even though it was accidental. Nonetheless, the same hypnosis techniques continue to be used even today.

Through the years of ongoing practice, hypnosis experts have realized that the willingness of the subject and his participation is vital for the hypnosis session to turn out successfully. Yet, it doesn’t go after that the subject is fully aware that he is being hypnotized. Turns out that oftentimes, some subjects are made readily participative even when what is being used on them is the covert persuasion or hypnotic influence.

Investigation and careful study shows that the hypnotists have already found effective and cunning techniques to find a detour towards the subconscious mind thereby evading the conscious mind. The subconscious normally just reacts to the given orders without exhibiting the serious capability of digesting and evaluating the given information. So when the hypnotist tries to work with his subject, he directly talks to the subconscious mind. As a result, the participant readily agrees without realizing what risk is at stake. It may only be after a few minutes when the conscious mind is activated once more that he discovers what has happened.

You see, the critical mind is that which screens and analyzes the given information, compares it with the existing values, and determines if it is worthy to be acted upon. If it has been decided to be worthy of an action, the conscious mind then passes the command to the subconscious which executes the action. The latter is designed to be nothing but the actor or carrier of a pre-programmed chore.

A professional who implements covert persuasion or hypnotic influence on a subject is generally widely aware of his intention. He makes a particular state in a person’s mind that puts the subconscious mind over the conscious region so that the subject is not able to repel the command but instead automatically acts on it. It is like a screen is used to shield the critical analysis to be exercised by the conscious mind to stop the subconscious region from executing the command.

In this time and age when life is hectic, some covert hypnotists make use of various cunning techniques to hook their participants. The situations may come unexpectedly, but there are ways you can at least repel them.

Observe the application of critical thought. They say that practice makes perfect. If your mind has been programmed to exercise critical thinking even when making decisions over the minutest things, then your mind will automatically function in the same way that it has been trained or programmed when a covert hypnotist approaches you. This normal reaction and function of the mind will protect you from making hasty and less critical decisions.

Know how covert hypnosis works. By feeding your mind with the relevant information regarding the working of covert hypnosis, then you will readily recognize when the techniques are being used on you.

Covert persuasion or hypnotic influence is often used with all types of intentions. Learn more to see how you can make use of it, and how to protect yourself from it at the same time.

Covert Persuasion Techniques

Persuade Others to do their Best with Covert Persuasion Techniques

Hypnosis is more often deemed by the public as negative. Whenever someone hears any word related to hypnosis, one can easily conjure an image of someone manipulating another person to do things that may be impossible to do if only he/she is in the “right” thinking. Well, to make it short, the idea of hypnosis, for the general public, is taking advantage of someone using the technique.

An Overview of Conversational Hypnosis

What I’m going to say may be strange to some of you and others would surely raise an eyebrow, but do you know that hypnotic influences can help bring out positive outcomes, too? A piece of the more complex covert persuasion, covert hypnosis techniques are ways by which you are influencing a person’s mind by just merely speaking to them. Using conversational tones, you can send subtle messages to someone’s subconscious without him/her being aware of it, on the spot.

We have two distinct minds, the sub-conscious (unconscious) and the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of the mind in which we knowingly make decisions on our behavior or thoughts, while the sub-conscious is the portion that actually accepts everything that we experience and stores it for when ever we need it.

The ability to subliminally influence someone is where you can talk into someone’s sub-conscious mind. This is where conversational hypnosis comes in. The sub-conscious mind takes in everything that you feed it, whether it is good, bad or indifferent. It doesn’t know the difference between what is right or wrong; it just acts on what you put into it.

Utilizing Covert Persuasion for the Welfare of Others

Given that covert hypnosis is achieved thru using conversational tones, it can also mean that it is all about choosing your words wisely. Many would say that HOW we say something is different from WHAT we say…that is also one factor that can guarantee powerful outcomes.

Covert persuasion techniques like this are, as I have said, deemed by many as sneaky or underhanded. Let me tell you that they aren’t (well depending on the person). So, how can you use covert hypnosis for the benefit of the other? How can you persuade others to be at their best with these techniques? Well, it can be manifested in many ways. Let me give you some scenario.

– Your friend is fat. Instead of saying unflattering words like “You are getting thin”, when you learn covert hypnosis, you will learn how to say it in a nicer way like “You’re getting slim”, thus boosting his/her self-esteem.

– Your friend, a teacher, is losing enthusiasm with his/her job. Should you tell that “it’s their job” so he/she needs to get going? That’s lifeless. Instead of saying that bland cliché, tell them that “they are educating and can be the instrument in creating the future magnates or maybe leaders of the world”. Wouldn’t that be a great way to make them feel like their role in the world is so valuable?

As soon as you’ve learned how to teach yourself covert hypnosis, self-improvement becomes easy, fun and valuable not only for yourself but also for the betterment of others.

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